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Carmelo Anaya

Carmelo Anaya ejerce como abogado y es licenciado en Criminología. Ha publicado numerosos cuentos y relatos breves en diversas colecciones, así como la serie de novelas denominada Trilogía de Baria, ciudad ficticia del levante almeriense. Fue accésit del Premio J&B en 1996 con la novela 'El corazón oscuro'. Anaya ha resultado ganador de la segunda edición del premio Wilkie Collins de Novela Negra. El premio Wilkie Collins lo ha concedido M.A.R. Editor, por su obra 'Ordo Dei (Perdedores anónimos)' del 2012.

The Ripper

August 31, 2013. Heat. Party. Noise. A few meters away, a woman is wildly gutted. Commissioner Carrillo is the first to arrive at the scene of the crime. The sight of the corpse, the date and the coincidences frighten him: it can not be, he thinks. But their fears are confirmed. On September 8, another woman is murdered and disemboweled. He can no longer hide it: he is before Jack the Ripper. And the murderer continues the game: messages, letters, postcards, addressed to Commissioner Carrillo, increasingly demoralized and without any clue, at the foot of madness in his desperate attempt to avoid more crimes. Pimps, criminals, detectives, old friends, everyone can be suspicious. From the sewers to the highest instances of the city, from politics to the press, the commissar begins a terrifying itinerary that becomes a labyrinth of sex, madness and death.

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